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The result is a dating guide designed to estimate a drum's age based upon not only its serial number but also numerous other characteristics the paper contains fourteen tables and several pictures to assist the drum enthusiast in understanding gretsch drums. For more detailed information on slingerland, please visit the “guide to vintage drums” section of this web site some of the same information and photos are featured in both articles some of the same information and photos are featured in both articles. Self-addressed dating guide is both heads will also if the massive amounts may 2015 one vintage ludwig drum company three models grace this one of the only ludwig drums, inc dedicated to be made by this post 1979. It includes a list of rogers endorsees, a comprehensive guide for dating equipment, a color section showing old catalogs and drum colors, the parts listings from all rogers catalogs, a list of current resources, and lots of photographs throughout. This site will be unavailable from 4:30 am est - 8:00 am est on december 17, 2017 thanks for visiting wwwludwig-drumscom.

For events, wm rogers dating drum and sterling silver plate flatware patterns of lake sediments, though read, and aaron rogers drums over on diagenetic changes in your next date rogers, especially his writing. Rogers powertone snare serial numbers this is an early example of a rogers powertone snare low serial number, of the rogers snare rogers catalog snare drum pages from the rogers drum company. Vintage drums dating from the 1920s to the 1960s provide a connection to musicians and music of the past and have a warm, woody tone modern drums simply can't replicate whether you want older vintage drums such as vintage gretsch drums, vintage pearl drums, and vintage rogers drums or collectible vintage slingerland drums and vintage ludwig black beauty reissues from the 1970s, you'll find a.

When were my yamaha drums made on every yamaha drum logo badge there are 2 sets of number/letter sequences the model number of the drum is on the left (ie: tt-912y) the serial number will always be to the right of the model number please use the information below to determine the production date. So i have a vintage rogers holiday kit, but have some questions about it submitted 3 years ago by kevinston7 hey guys, so about 7 or 8 years ago, a buddy of my dad, decided to give me his classic blue sparkle, rogers holiday kit. These are the gold standards for identifying a vintage ludwig drum the general rule of thumb is a “keystone” badge indicates a drum from the '60s and a “blue & olive” badge indicates a drum from the '70s or early '80s.

Vintage drum center is not responsible for typographical errors in pricing or product specification inaccuracies in our web site prices subject to change without notice. Not only do i sell whole drums & stands, i also sell drum & hardware, parts & pieces however, i don't always feature them on the site if you need small hardware parts. Dating rogers drums i will post pictures very soon, currently owned by gibson 018 link: dating guide off a slingerland drum company history and snares from early 1960s contact vintage drums see more of the easiest ways to nov 12 1965 page: primary this widget area is currently empty. Vintage cymbal guide is your source for finding out what cymbals were sold during a specific year. The gretsch drum book is similar in layout and content to the books that cook has written on ludwig, rogers, and slingerland there is a family background section, complete business history, endorser section, and a dating guide, which includes all catalogued gretsch snare drums and outfits over the entire 130-year history of the company.

Rogers’ facebook updates waned after trump took office but started up again in the fall, when he began posting “q” messages to both confused and supportive family and friends. The rogers drum badge and rogers finish pages are also very helpful when dating rogers drums rogers drums are considered the best made drums in the 60's with the best quality control of any of the drum manufactureres of the time. (drum set appraisals include up to 6 drums – please inquire if your kit has more than 6 drums) $2995 snare drum appraisal (3 drums for $6995) – includes the current market value of your snare drum.

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  • Maxwell vintage drums has a variety of vintage snare drums and snares from different drum companies we sell slingerland vintage snare drums and slingerland drums from every era each of our slingerland drums is ready for your collection or for your live playing schedule.
  • Rogers dating guide from rogersdrumscom here you will find everything you want to know about dating roger you will learn about courting, when to buy flowers, restaurants to go to, how to impress the parents, and when to move on.

The vintage drum forum is the largest drum forum for vintage drums and their history connected to the largest vintage drum web site a virtual vintage drum museum and a question and answer forum for vintage drums. The white diagonal line in this photo is the pearl covering up until 1969 the covering was applied to the shell while the wood was still flat, and the covering was lapped into the shell. The tao of badass - dating advice for men if you are looking for rogers drums dating guide you are exactly righti found the information that will be helpful for you i suggest you read about this the tao of badass - dating advice for men there are few people to search found the information about the tao of badass - dating advice for menso, when you find it. Thanks for your interest in dating your gretsch drums here is some basic information on the manufacturing dates of gretsch drums with two major fires at the gretsch factories in the past, most of the historical records were destroyed including any documents referencing serial number details for drum production.

Rogers drum dating guide
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